How To Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service Mac 2021

Do you know how to disable adobe genuine software integrity service on Mac? If you don’t, then this guide will show you how to do so. Adobe is one of the largest software manufacturers in the world, and they create a wide range of innovative products that are used in various different industries.

The company has established itself as one of the leaders in multiple industries. In the beginning, Adobe only used to create software programs that were designed to serve simple purposes, such as their PDF reader.

It was a simple document reader that gained quite a bit of popularity. The company really rose to the top with its photo editing tool, known as Adobe Photoshop.

This gave the average person a considerable amount of freedom when designing different kinds of photos and customizing them however they saw fit. The company became incredibly popular and since then has gone from strength to strength.

Today, Adobe has a slew of different tools that are used in a range of fields. Their video editing tools are incredibly popular, and they also have additional software programs such as Lightroom.

The Adobe Acrobat, the Adobe Illustrator, the Photoshop, and Premiere Pro are some of the most commonly used software programs in the media industry and many others.

However, while they are used on millions of computers, they are also pirated quite often. Because of the fact that they are so popular, many people don’t want to bother paying for them.

The company has introduced a wide range of packages that are designed for both individual use as well as for commercial use. Obviously, these packages tend to vary in terms of pricing depending on the end-consumer’s usage, so you have to choose carefully.

Piracy has no doubt put a big dent in the company’s profitability. There are thousands of torrents available online and cracked versions of Adobe programs, but they are all illegal and should not be downloaded.

In an effort to educate people about the dangers of piracy and to make sure that people only use the genuine software program, the company has introduced a dedicated service known as the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service.

It’s useful on both Mac and Windows computers, and allows you to figure out whether you are using a genuine copy or not. But, what if you want to remove that from your computer?

In some cases, you might be getting erroneous prompts from time to time which limit your ability to work smoothly. There are a number of ways by which you can remove the Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service on a Mac.

How To Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service on Mac

Now, all Adobe genuine software programs come bundled with the service. Even if you pirate a program from Adobe, you should know that it’s going to come bundled with the genuine software integrity service.

And if you do not register the program or if the program detects that it is pirated, it’s going to give you a warning. The company has acknowledged that it now runs validation tests to make sure that there are no invalid licenses or no issues related to software tampering.

If a person is using non-genuine software, they will be notified through the service. The aim is to inform the user that there are legal alternatives available and to let them know that they are committing an act of piracy.

Moreover, the company also informs them of the risks associated with this. Now, there are a number of ways by which you can remove the service if you want.

The company actually ran a pilot program last year, but has since then begun to roll out the program on a myriad of additional programs and it seems that it’s going universal now.

All you get is a popup when you are using a non-genuine piece of software, but that still doesn’t stop the program from working properly.

However, it’s easy to see that the company is looking at alternatives and within a span of a year or maybe less, they might roll out a more advanced update which completely stops the working.

Now, if you want the program to stop running the integrity service, here’s a brief guide that will help you.

Update the Registry

The little popup can be annoying from time to time, so the best way to fix that is to update the registry. Go to Start and then select Run. From there, just type “regedit” in the field and click on Run. You will be taken to a new screen that says Registry Editor on top.

Keep in mind that tampering with the registry on your device is complicated, and there is a risk that you might end up causing more damage to other files, and even the entire file system if you are not careful.

So, the first step is to make a backup copy of your registry. Then, locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run key, and select it.

Place a right click on the update manager, and then click on Delete. From there, just press Yes and remove it. Now, since you have edited the registry, you will want to restart your computer.

Once you restart your computer, you will see that the program no longer gives you the annoying notification that you see so often. It can be quite annoying when you are working on something important and the notification keeps on bugging you.

To prevent this from happening, making a small tweak in your registry is more than enough. But, you should know that piracy is not always the best option.

If you want to make simple photo edits and don’t want to go through the trouble of using something as complicated or as expensive as Adobe Photoshop, there are a bunch of free tools out there.

You can use these to your advantage to make simple color corrections or make fine edits easily. Just search online for a bunch of different free tools and you are good to go. It’s a pretty convenient way of using a decent program without having to worry about piracy or notifications!

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