Do I Need A Modem And A Router For WiFi?

Do i need a modem and a router for WiFi? So you’re finally ready to take the plunge and get into the modern age by setting up a computer at your house. You might be so new to the idea of setting up a computer that you aren’t even sure what you need to go online. Do you need a modem and a router for WiFi or will just one of those things suffice? Read on to explore the topic of modems, routers, and what you need to get the Internet working at your house.

Do I need A Modem And A Router For WiFi?

The First Thing You Need Is an Internet Service Provider

Before you go any further, it’s important to understand that a modem and a router won’t do you any good if you don’t have an Internet Service Provider. This is usually shortened to ISP and this is the company that provides you with the Internet. In modern times, most people get their Internet from cable companies or other similar organizations. High speed Internet is available that will allow you to browse the web once you get everything hooked up.

You’ll want to contact an Internet provider that offers service to your area. In most cases, your local cable company is going to be the easiest place to turn. If you already have television service through this company, then it’s possible that you might even be able to get a good bundle deal. Your Internet isn’t going to work unless you have your ISP in place, so it isn’t prudent to buy a modem or router unless you have an ISP in place or plan to contact one soon.

You Definitely Need a Modem

Modems are a necessary component when you’re trying to go online. If you don’t have a modem, then none of what you’re trying to accomplish is going to happen. The word “modem” actually stands for modulator-demodulator, but all you need to know is that this is the device that receives the Internet signal. It makes it possible for you to use the Internet and you can plug your devices directly into the modem using Ethernet cables.

Many people decide to wire their computers or video game consoles directly into cable modems. This gives a strong connection to the Internet and it’s very easy to set things up. Modems aren’t very tricky to set up, but you can also get your ISP to set things up for you if you’re a total tech novice and just want to make things as simple as possible. Of course, a modem won’t be all that you need if you plan on using your wireless devices.

Most People Will Need a Router

The vast majority of people are going to want to have access to WiFi in modern times. Your modem is going to allow you to wire into the Internet using Ethernet cables, but this doesn’t help your phone or other wireless devices to connect to the network. You’re going to have to get a router set up so that you can use all of your smart devices wirelessly. Routers are incredibly common now and just about everyone is going to use one if they’re bothering to install an Internet connection.

There are different types of routers out there and some are capable of handling more bandwidth than others. Depending on what you want to do online, it might be a good idea to get a better router. If you’re just going to be browsing the web a bit, then it might not matter much. Those who want to stream movies and play games online will likely want a better router, though, and this is especially true for those who will have multiple people using the Internet during most times of the day.

You Can Rent These Things or You Can Buy Them

It’s also worth noting that you have options when you’re thinking about routers and modems. You can go out and purchase these items so that you will own them completely. This might be the best bet if you’re looking to get a modem and router that will perform as excellently as possible, too. However, you don’t have to buy a modem or a router if you don’t want to.

Most Internet providers are going to rent out modems and routers to their customers. You can just pay a flat fee on your bill each month instead of paying $100 for a router or a modem upfront. Depending on your situation, this idea might be more appealing to you. Just take the time to consider your options so that you can make the choice that works the best for your situation.

Modem and Router Combinations

You can also sometimes find modems that come with routers built in. This can make it even more convenient for you if you want to get everything that you need all in one package. Some people don’t have a lot of space to work with and need to consider where they’re putting everything. If you’re living in a small apartment, then a modem and router combination unit might be very appealing to you.

These devices work just like a normal cable modem and router would. They just perform the functions of two devices instead of just one. This will also give you the benefit of only taking up one power outlet space instead of two. For many users, this is going to be less expensive than buying a cable modem and router separately.

Get Your Internet Set up Today

Now that you know a bit more about cable modems and routers, it’s going to be easy to get your Internet set up today. Contact an ISP near you and get the right equipment that you need. It might have seemed confusing in the beginning due to your lack of familiarity, but it’s actually pretty simple. It’s mostly plug and play and your Internet provider will send an installer who can handle everything for you if you need a hand.

There are many benefits to having an Internet connection at your house. It makes it easier to research topics and keeping up with world events will be simpler than ever, too. You’ll have more entertainment options and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get started with this.

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