Is It Bad To Put Wireless Router In Bedroom?

Is It Bad To Put Wireless Router In Bedroom

Is it bad to put wireless router in bedroom? Wi-Fi has become a mainstay in all of our houses and places that we visit. In fact, nowadays, finding a place that doesn’t have Wi-Fi is considerably disappointing. Many places in the world are completely Wi-Fi activated, meaning you can find signals in any room. In … (Read more)

Can Google Home And Alexa Work Together?

Can Google Home And Alexa Work Together

Can Google home and Alexa work together? Can you connect Google home to Alexa? It should come as no surprise to hear that smart home technology is in a boom period right now. Many people are starting to adopt smart home technology due to how convenient it is and how much it can improve people’s … (Read more)

Can You Use Google Home Mini Without WiFi?

can you use google home mini without wifi

Can you use Google home mini without WiFi? In case you’re curious to find out whether it’s possible or not, then keep reading to know the correct answer. If you didn’t know, smart home technology has really come a long way and many people are enamored with it now. This can be a very convenient … (Read more)